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I think I need to join in on Inktober this year… 

I was prepared for the first interview (over a month ago mind you) but what am I supposed to wear to the second?! Library I have zero outfits designated for a second interview. I ask my mother and her advice is “just look like a reference librarian. Where your glasses and a bun.” AND GO NAKED OTHERWISE MOM? 


Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

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"Master Thief" for Daily Spitpaint

Why do I read negative reviews of shows I enjoy? People think Attack on Titan got boring in the middle? And all of the unanswered questions made it terrible?! 

You’re telling me you didn’t think that a show that blew up so big wouldn’t get a second season? Sweet answers can now be revealed and it’ll make a more interesting second season. There will have continuity like the manga instead of what happened with Legend of Korra. (For the record I love Korra, but it stinks that the first season was so stand alone. Curse the “you only get one season!” original plan.) You must be patient to receive answers! Why do you think everyone and their brother watched Dragon Ball Z? Because it was awesome. Attack on Titan contains NO WHERE CLOSE to that much filler. We all watched that episode where Goku and Picculo learned to drive…. I know you did. 

So sure, if you are impatient and want everything summed up immediately don’t watch it. Being negative just to be negative is ignorant. Sigh, I’m just grumpy. Ignore me.


Harreh Pottarh

Oh how I do enjoy this. 




imagine if these were the straps for 3MG in SNK






It happened. 

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Asker isathebellaj Asks:
Hey John! I live right outside of Dallas and a few school districts in the area have been pressured to suspend books from the 10th grade curriculum (fortunately not my district). We were assigned an article to read about these suspensions for a class, and I was disappointed to see An Abundance of Katherines on the list of controversial books. I know you got some flip a few years ago for Looking for Alaska, but Katherines is a lot milder, making it all the more annoying... Any thoughts? Thanks.
mannj mannj Said:


This case seems especially enlightening to me because there are so few “dirty” or “controversial” parts in An Abundance of Katherines. I mean, it’s a buddy novel about two best friends who literally use the word “fug” in lieu of the word “fuck,” and who when they curse, do so mostly in Arabic or German. Is the non-English cursing the issue? It it the book’s abundance of abstract mathematics? Its misplacement of the tomb of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? The fact that one of the central characters is a Muslim?

I really don’t know. And it’s not clear to me that the school districts that have banned the book have a particularly good handle on the “why” of it either. 

I’m sorry if I sound a little exasperated here, but I’m frustrated because we train and pay teachers to teach, and then we don’t trust them to teach. 

Some parents seem to feel that public school exists solely for the benefit of their children and that everything in the curriculum must align with their value systems. But that’s ludicrous: Public schools exist for the benefit of the PUBLIC, so that we as a country might have a better educated population capable of critical thinking. We decided centuries ago that this was good—that education in childhood leads to more informed and engaged citizens, and that education also helps people to grow the economy through innovation and increased productivity. 

So my frustration isn’t with Katherines or any other book. It’s about what schools should do: Should schools tell you only what your parents think they should tell you? Or should that stuff be decided by the educators who’ve been trained explicitly for that purpose?


other things of note

  • Minnie Mouse is maybe one of the universe’s most powerful wizards alive
  • you inexplicably gain the power to summon Chicken Little; this is never really addressed or brought up in any sort of story context from what i remember
  • Donald Duck nearly succumbs to avarice at the hands of an egg jewel and probably almost becomes a greed elemental or something
  • Tifa from FF7 bumps into you, asks you if you’ve seen Cloud, kicks a wall and then leaves abruptly
  • Goofy becomes a turtle on multiple, separate occasions
  • Yuna, Rikku and Paine from FF10-2 are fairies
  • real quote from Mickey Mouse, wearing a black hoodie: “Hey fellas! Did someone mention the Door to Darkness?”
  • you, an anime character, and your friends, cartoon characters, enter the hyper-realistic world of Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • you become a lion. Pete also becomes a lion and turns Scar, from The Lion King, into the in-universe equivalent of a lion Dracula
  • Pete has a fierce fight with Pete from the past
  • the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty give you more powerful pants
  • Winnie the Pooh has no idea who you are

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